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Boredom Can Be A Good Thing For Your Child’s Development

Boredom Can Be A Good Thing For Your Child’s Development

Do you get concerned when you hear your child say “I’m bored!”? Do you immediately shift into high gear looking for activities to keep them occupied? For some parents, the threat of tedium leads to a long list of things for their children to do every minute of the day. We’re here to tell you that you can free yourself from the helicopter parenting because a degree of boredom can actually be a good thing. The following post explains:

Boredom is good for kids, says new Pooh author as she criticises parents who ‘over-organise’ their children’s activities

The author of Winnie-the-Pooh has criticised parents for ‘over-organising’ their children’s activities, saying that boredom is necessary for youngsters’ development.

Jane Riordan, who writes new stories about the famous bear created by late author AA Milne, said parents are ‘scared that their children will get bored’.

Speaking of the message behind Milne’s books, the mother-of-two explained that the strongest friendships are formed when youngsters are left to do nothing and use their imaginations.

The 41-year-old said: ‘There is something about the simplicity of life in those stories, where Christopher Robin and his toys spend a whole day hunting for the North Pole, that we as adults can never experience. Read more at Daily Mail…

Boredom can open up your child’s imagination in ways that will be productive all the way into their adulthood. Don’t rob your child of this opportunity for growth.

Apart from the possibility of exploration, there are many other benefits of boredom. The following post lists some key outcomes:

5 Reasons why boredom is actually good for your child

Parents today are more hands-on than ever, which is excellent—but not without its pitfalls. Kids these days are busier than ever, being shuttled from one enrichment class to the next, with very little unstructured time to explore and, yes, be bored.

We shouldn’t dread hearing our children say “I’m bored”. In fact, many experts say that boredom can even be good for your child. Here’s why.

  1. Boredom allows your kids to enrich their inner life

“Children need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves,” writes psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe for The Huffington Post. “It is only when we are surrounded by nothing that something comes alive on the inside.” Read more at The Asian Parent…

As you see, boredom helps to create a much-needed relaxed environment that your child needs once in a while. It helps them unwind and process.

So, now that we’ve established that boredom has benefits, what should you do when your child is experiencing the doldrums? The following post has some good insight:

Faced with our children’s boredom, we need to know our role as parents. If we see ourselves as chief entertainment officer, we jump in and try to rescue our child. “We rush around taking them to movies, putting the video on, playing games with them. This teaches children to sit back and expect someone else to entertain them,” says Mullally.

Instead, it’s the parent’s job to be the facilitator — to create resources for the child — like plenty of art materials and dress-up clothes. Once resources are available, children themselves need to find what they want to do, recommends Mullally. “Supporting children to find their own play opportunities enables them to see themselves as people who can use their creativity and imagination, their problem-solving skills and their resources.” Read more at Irish Examiner…

Creating opportunities for your child to be creative is vital. It encourages self-expression and can expose natural talent. Moreovoer, these opportunities should not just be provided at home. The school environment is crucial as well. That’s why choosing a great preschool is important as part of your young child’s development.

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